Chathero features for smart customer service

Benefit from multiple features to take customer service to the next level

AI-powered chatbot

Your user's questions are automatically recorded and can be easily assigned to the appropriate answers. In this way, the chatbot becomes more intelligent over time.

Live-Chat with conversation routing

Chat with your customers. Questions asked in the chatbot will be automatically transferred to support staff.
Predefined answers and different content formats can be made available to the customers in the chatbot via drag and drop.

Knowledge database & FAQ-automation

Set up your chatbot with the already existing FAQs or for example automatically import your Zendesk knowledge database.

Voice recognition & control

Let your users talk to with the chatbot. Chatbot understands voice commands and outputs the answers in speech.

3rd party integration

Easy integration of other tools. Connect Chathero with tools like Zendesk, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Shopify.

Modular power up integrations

Make the chatbot even more powerful through the integration of functions like appointment booking, payment integration, newsletter subscription and chatbot uptime control.

Connection of different channels and applications

Integrate different channels like Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant voice application.

Easy chatbot builder & predefined use cases

Build your own custom chatbot or select of one of the predefined templates for different use cases or industries.

Many more multifunctional and
customizable functions

Quick setup

Fast & easy integration of Chathero to your website.

Different chatbot formats

Choose your format and embed it as a conversational landing page, chat widget or pop up.

Customizable chatbot design

Customizable colors and text to design the chatbot in the look & feel of your corporate design.

Customization of chat widget

Choose from different widget looks or upload your self-designed chat icon image.

All-in-one dashboard

Let your support staff control all your activities in a dashboard.

Calender function

Customers have the possibility to make their own appointment via the chatbot.

Our customized onboarding service will help
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Our onboarding services experts will guide you step-by-step through the setup process of Chathero software. With this onboarding setup, our service is ready to use right away.
The onboarding service includes especially the following topics:
Instruction to the basic functions
Instruction to the individualy booked functions
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AI-training | chatflows | use cases
Automation in customer service is not a new topic. The constant pressure to reduce costs and work more efficiently has led to ever new technological approaches or improvements to existing concepts and processes in recent years. With the advent and spread of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service, new automation potentials are opening up, for example through ChatBots Automation.

Conversational Customer Service offers an individual, bidirectional real-time communication with the customer. The conversation can take place with the help of ChatBots, which are either integrated into platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or can be found as stand-alone applications on the company's website. Chat conversations can be used to provide product advice, the sales process, purchasing and customer care, making it easier for the customer to consume.

Messaging and bot systems are increasingly being used to simplify interaction between consumers and companies via voice and text-based interfaces. In this way, the entire customer journey from product evaluation to purchase and service can be optimized through greater efficiency and convenience. In addition to algorithms that control communication via keywords and communication patterns, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used here to learn from preferences and interactions. This enables the systems to better adapt communication to the situation and also control it proactively.

The AI-based ChatBot solution is able to learn independently; i.e. the bot uses the trained data set to recognize regularities and derive further responses from them. In use, every new voice input is used to learn further. This is done with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP). This means that AI-based bots not only search the language for specific keywords, but also try to analyze the speech input with context.

There are also a number of useful functions such as ... LiveChat, Konwledge Base & FAQ-Automation, Voice Recognition & Control, 3rd Party Integration, Messenger Integration.
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