The story of Chathero

Chathero is operated by an agency network consisting of digital agencies and technology companies. We know the requirements in conversational marketing, e-commerce, customer management and customer service from a large number of customer projects in various industries. New digital technologies are our passion and since 2016 we have been working intensively on the topics of chatbots, voice applications and the use of artificial intelligence.

We have filtered out the best components from running projects and combined them to a unique tool – that's how the idea for Chathero was born.

Munich | Mainz

Run by digital agency network

Founded in

Munich, 2019

Team of

35 employees

Our mission

With the rise and spread of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service, new automation and cost saving potentials are opening up.

Conversational customer service offers an individual, bidirectional real-time communication between companies and customers. We believe that conversation using chatbots and their methodology provide the right tool for this.

Therefore, we have developed an all-in-one SaaS chatbot platform that offers considerable added value to the company and its customers.

Your benefits at a glance

Chathero boosts the efficiency of your customer management

User experience improvement

Customer service improvement

Service integration opportunities


Purchase process simplification


The way we work

„We want to inspire people with innovations and mature solutions for marketing, sales and customer service. Long-term customer relationships are at the center of our thoughts and actions.”

Martin Burst


Roland Wagner


Christian Burst


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